7 Tips for Taking Care of Your Home This Summer

7 Tips for Taking Care of Your Home This Summer

7 Tips for Taking Care of Your Home This Summer

It’s almost the summer and a great time to make sure your house is in good shape and ready to take on the heat. Summer also brings a lot of inclement weather, so it’s good to ensure you’re prepared for everything the season is going to throw at your home. Read our tips for taking care of your home this summer, and enjoy the season without worries!

Inspect Your Roof

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your house, since it protects you from rain, wind, and intense sun. If your house sustained a lot of storms during spring showers, you might want to consider getting your roof inspected for damage. Although it might not look like there’s external damage, sometimes it’s hard to spot. Dark streaks on your roof could mean there’s fungal growth on it, which will require professional help. Also, many times you might have broken shingles that are harder to spot than missing shingles.

Clean and Replace Air Filters

Replacing or cleaning out your filters is essential in creating a safe and comfortable environment this summer. Clean filters allow your air conditioner to function more efficiently and not spread dust and other contaminants into the air. With the Alabama heat starting up, you’ll want your cooling system to be in good condition and that starts with a clean air filter. Change your air filter today and you may notice cleaner air and better air flow immediately. 

Beautify Your Lawn

With you and your neighbors all spending more time outdoors, make the exterior of your house as beautiful as it can be. There are a number of ways to beautify your lawn, such as adding light fixtures and fountains, or even just planting flowers. Regularly water your lawn if necessary, and take care of your garden if you have one. Consider hanging plants by your porch or patio to create an inviting and gorgeous sitting area to admire your hard work.

Power Wash

To keep the exterior of your house looking beautiful just like your lawn, consider giving your home a power wash! If you’ve never used a pressure washer before, you might want to call a professional service to do this, as it can be potentially damaging to your home to do it by yourself. If you need a less intense exterior wash, you can use a hose on high pressure to blast dirt and algae off of your house where it might be lingering.

Check Your Attic and Basement

Don’t neglect these small spaces while you prepare your home for the warm weather. Check your attic for signs of mildew, dampness, leaks from the roof, or even pests that could be hiding up there. In your basement, also check if there are any signs of mold and mildew, since this tends to be one of the most damp parts of your home. 

Invest in Air Purification

The spring and the summer months can be rough on those with airborne allergies, since high pollen counts and other outdoor contaminants are common. Air purification can not only filter out pollen, dust, and other allergens from the air, but can also help reduce dampness in your home. Invest in a dehumidifier if you have dampness in any areas such as your bathroom, kitchen, or basement and an air purifier to keep you breathing clean air all summer long. 

Get HVAC Service

No matter your home needs for the summer, we are here to provide you with the products and services you deserve to keep your home comfortable. Bama Breeze is a trusted American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Dealer in Baldwin County, AL. We provide HVAC repair, maintenance, and systems replacements. We offer high-efficiency HVAC systems to lower your energy bills in the summer AND keep your home extremely comfortable. 

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