How To Minimize Strain On Your Air Conditioner This Spring

How To Minimize Strain On Your Air Conditioner This Spring

How To Minimize Strain On Your Air Conditioner This Spring

Is your HVAC system running all day long to what seems like no avail? Your air conditioner might be working overtime, and costing you money you don’t need to be spending, while still leaving you feeling uncomfortable in your home. Learn how to minimize strain on your air conditioning system and maximize comfort with these tips.

1.   Clean and Replace Filters

A dirty or clogged system is one that is having to work twice as hard for half of the benefit. Change your filters often, every one to three months, or more frequently if you have pets. This allows for better airflow to your system which will greatly reduce the work your system has to do, providing you maximum efficiency and better air conditioning. While getting a cleaner filter will make your system run better, it will also provide you a cleaner environment in your home too.

2.   Reduce Heat

Your home might just naturally be too hot for your HVAC system to work to its full effect. Try investing in blinds or drapes to keep the sun out, cleaning and opening your vents, and checking the seals on all doors and windows. A little goes a long way in reducing heat coming into your home, and it may be enough to get more out of your home’s air conditioning.

3.   Check Ductwork and Insulation

Make sure the insulation inside your home is working properly and not allowing your conditioned cold air to escape. Having it replaced might help, but a quick fix could be just to re-caulk the seals on your windows and doors. Also have your ductwork inspected. Loose, poorly sealed, or even cracked ductwork may be to blame for your system’s poor performance. Regularly scheduled maintenance is incredibly important in getting the most out of your system.

4.   Invest in an Upgraded Thermostat

A reasonable upgrade that could pay huge dividends down the line is upgrading your thermostat. We often spend a fair bit of time outside of our homes, meaning we waste a lot of energy keeping a cool home for no one to enjoy. Upgrading to a programmable thermostat allows you to choose specifically when your system will run, allowing you to keep more control over your total energy expenses. Being able to set lower temperatures when you need them will help reduce the strain that is constantly on your system, making it perform better overall.

5.   Invest in Quality Air Conditioning Products

There is a very real chance that if you implement these ideas, you will see a change in your system’s performance, but there is also a very real possibility that your system just isn’t up to par, especially if it has some years of hard work on it. Bama Breeze specializes in HVAC replacement services for underperforming systems, and is committed to getting you the very best in indoor comfort. We even offer free in-home estimates on new systems so you can be sure you’re getting the best!

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